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AU: 43931

Back to Back (Standard Installation) Terms and Conditions

- Installation of a wall hung unit, back to back on an external wall with internal head unit within 2.4m off floor level and the external compressor unit no higher than 2.1m from ground level.

- Installation of 3.0m of gas/liquid lines from the internal head unit to the external compressor unit including a maximum of 2.0m of pipe capping, an end cap, and 4.0m of drain pipe.

- Installation of the external unit in a location that meets the manufacturer’s requirements.

- All certificates of compliance as required.

- Installation includes connection to an existing electrical circuit for units up to 4.4kw (where permitted by manufacturer). Air conditioners 4.4 to 8.0kw include a new dedicated power circuit back to the meter box (additional charges apply when greater than 20.0m).

- Removal and disposal of all wall hung split air-conditioning system packaging.

Further Conditions

- Installation vehicle, equipment & installation team must have clear & unhindered access to the site and internal/external location where the indoor and outdoor units are to be mounted.

- House wiring/power supply/switchboard must be in accordance with Australian standards and manufacturer specifications. (Additional charges will apply for non-compliant electrical wiring/switchboards.

Possible Additional Costs Explained

- Electrical Modifications – Additional electrical works may be required for certain installations due to age of house, switchboard capacity, unsuitable or faulty wiring that fail to meet Australian standards and manufacturer requirements.

- Condensation Pump - Required to pump the condensate water produced when the internal head unit is installed below ground or on an internal wall.

- Poly slab or PVC feet – Required if an unsuitable solid level base is not available.

- Wall brackets – Required when the external compressor unit cannot be mounted on the ground or the customer requests a wall-mounted installation.

- Roof brackets – Required when the external compressor unit cannot be mounted on the ground or the customer requests a roof-mounted installation.

- Refrigerant Piping – Required when the internal head unit is installed further than 3.0m from the external compressor unit.