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ThermaWash AC Service

To understand why air conditioning servicing is required, you need to understand how an air conditioner works – an air conditioner is a heat pump, it transfers heat/cold by drawing air over the internal coil, attaching it to the refrigerant in the coils, and transferring the heat/cold to the outdoor coil for disposal. If the filters, coil or barrel fan are dirty or restricted in any way, your air conditioner is not working to capacity and costing you far more money than it should be.

Of even greater concern is air quality – your air conditioner is great at removing toxins from your home, and these toxins need to be periodically removed from the air conditioner. This include mould, fungi and bacteria. If you or your family is suffering from hayferver, sore throat, sore or dry eyes, and or fatigue, your air conditioner may need a ThermaWash.

It is recommended that air conditioners be serviced each year to maintain your warranty, and to ensure your air conditioner continues to operate effectively and efficiently.

We also repair all makes and models of split system air conditioners

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Ducted AC Service

The lifespan of a ducted air conditioner can be up to 30 years, unfortunately the components it uses may not last as long.

This is why servicing is a big part of keeping your system running efficiently and sustainably.

In a ducted air conditioner service we will perform checks on the refrigerant levels, check the zoning system for full operation, check the duct work for any broken connections, clean the indoor filter and clean the outdoor unit coils.

We also repair all makes and models of ducted air conditioners

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